Brian Luerssen

Probably not a robot.

About Me



  • Dad to a curious Henry & Max.
  • Married to a wonderful Alexis.
  • Kauffman Fellow (18)
  • Occasional Angel Investor
  • Lost Beagle Owner


  • Co-Founder & Board Member @ Quantitative Insights
  • Managing Director @ Techstars Chicago
  • Co-Founder and General Manager @ OkCupid Labs
  • Co-Founder and CEO @
  • That Other Guy @ Excelerate Labs
  • Co-Founder @ Bouncepad
  • Co-Founder @ Proxito
  • Founder @ Infinite Consulting

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If you're not a robot, you should be able to guess my gmail email address (hint: its my name).

If you're trying to get in touch but havent heard back, a good way to motivate me is to send me a message with a charitable donation. You can do that here.

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